Nosh Stories: Yami and Lucas, artisanal bakers

Yamila and Lucas left behind lives in Buenos Aires to pursue a dream in the U.S.. This story is about beautiful artisanal sourdough bread, but also the hard work required to build a new life.

Nosh Stories: Parul, Home Cooking from the Heart

Parul cooks homemade vegetarian Indian food with love: “When mothers cook for their families, they put their heart in it and you can taste it. Cooking is an art and I get lost in it. . . . Mexican food is the same as Indian food . . . tortillas are like chapatis; Mexican salsas and sauces are like chutneys; beans are like rajma curry.” Read her story which transports you from the land of the Taj Mahal to a local Facebook group.

Nosh Stories: Joanna

Although everyone “in the kitchen” at Gingko Sichuan Cuisine in Fairfield, CT is from Sichuan province in China, the co-owner Joanna is not. She is from the Zhejiang province on the eastern coast of China where the cuisine is lighter and more seafood-focused.  Still, she worked for years at Hao Si Chuan restaurant in West…