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Edible Origins. Be transported to another place or time, or remember where you came from . . . Explore history, culture, and people through the food we eat today. Food stories can transport you, and connect you to others in unexpected ways. I hope you will join us on this journey.

Mary.  me-e1519857396285.jpgI’m Mary and I live in southern Connecticut. My Dad is from Italy, and my Mom is from Cuba. My maternal Spanish grandparents lived in my childhood home, and I grew up speaking English, Spanish, and some Italian. I first fell in love with travel through childhood summer trips to visit the Italian clan in Calabria. My journeys have since taken me all over the world, either literally or through food or cultural events. I fell in love with food through the moments I shared with those around me, at home or on the road visiting new places. I’m fascinated by how food travels and evolves from one culture to the next, and by the unique flavors that are key to certain cuisines but completely alien to others. I hope you will join us as we explore food, both near and far, and discover some surprising edible goodies in our backyard.  Seriously, there are weeds you can eat in your backyard!

Mico. This is my father, Mico (short for Domenico, pronounced “Meeko”). Originally from Ceramida in Calabria, Italy, he lives in northern New Jersey where he has kept a garden for more than 50 years. IMAG0308His garden has produced tomatoes, onions, figs, persimmons, chestnuts, zucchini, beans, lettuces, herbs, peaches, pumpkins, and more. He is an incredible resource for gardeners. He has coached my husband on topics that include weeding and pest control. He has grafted tree branches from one peach tree to another to produce a single tree whose fruit ripens on different cycles. He has foraged for mushrooms for as long as I can remember. And he routinely bottles 100+ bottles of tomatoes each season – all on a plot of land that is about 50 x 30 feet. We will be bringing you “Mico’s Garden Updates” during the season.

Maria Luisa.  DSC00090This is my mother, Maria Luisa, who was born in La Habana, Cuba. Known as “Luisita” by her Cuban friends, she left the island in the 1960s, eventually making her home in northern New Jersey. She is a retired bookkeeper and library volunteer. She lovingly raised two children and cared for her parents, while working full-time. She is now retired, and loves to spend time with her children and grandchild. Maria Luisa loves people, laughing, and good food. While she doesn’t garden, she actively encourages it. She is a contributing writer and photographer to this blog, particularly for Mico’s Garden Updates.

IMG_0090Adam.  This is my husband, Adam.  He has sought Mico’s garden advice for years and adopted Mico’s methods, adapting them  through careful testing and experimentation.  He is still learning: “Gardening is a tinkering process,” he says. Adam grows a variety of vegetables and herbs, including tomatoes, eggplants, chili peppers, beets, kale, sorrel, Thai basil, and lemongrass. He is also a licensed shell fisherman, a member of the Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association, and he enjoys foraging, learning, food, and travel. He is a contributing photographer and will be adding his takes to Mico’s Garden Updates.

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